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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2008|05:05 am]
[Current Location |Sharadin's Sculpture Studio]
[mood |thirstythirsty]


I'm trying to make art. Horribleness. Having ideas at the last minute is stupid. I really like my idea and I do not want to give up on it but I only have 7 hours to make this piece cohesive and I've been working on it since 7:30pm. Why do I enjoy torturing myself with tedium?! I'm covering a three foot tall, soon to be crucifix with little cut up pipe cleaners. It's fun, and I'd be totally loving it if this project were due, say, a week from today, or even Thursday, but I've already had an extension and it must be in at noon. CRAZY! I really hope I can find a skeleton at CVS when it opens :/ If I do, I'm going to spray paint it gold! Maybe tie it to the cross with a string of lights.


VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! The more input, the better the outcome. I sent my absentee ballot in last week, hooray!
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2007|02:54 pm]
whoa dudes, i don't know if you read my last entry, but nat baldwin, who played an amazing set last night in ktown, totally JUST stopped by to give me his noise cd... but i wasn't here :'( still super great though!!! i can't believe he did that!

hooray for good musicians that take care of faithful listeners! that's it :D
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tonight was incredible. [Apr. 18th, 2007|01:32 am]
I went to a show and saw Nat Baldwin and then Sam Rosen at this house down the street.. It's weird, but Nat Baldwin played pretty much everything I wanted to hear and then two new songs, so, really couldn't have been a better set unless it lasted till dawn.

Sam Rosen I wasn't sure I'd enjoy, but out of nowhere his set started with these words "So, um, does anyone want to dance with me for the next.. twenty two minutes?" We ALL said yes, and crazy gyrations persisted through his, eventually sweaty, performance. Man, it was so super great, though I have no idea how I'll feel listening to his album without the crazy choreography that he so lovingly added. I liked his voice a lot, so that's a good sign.

My crush on Nat Baldwin is solidified.. He was really nice, and genuine when we spoke shortly between sets. I'm a sucker for passion and honesty. Hope his music remains accessible for a long time because that's what I think I'm swooning over, even though he is cute.

Tonight was worth the pain I'm about to endure. Fifteen, pages on middle eastern policy problems due at three and I have class from eight to one. Whatevs.. still high off that musical joyride.
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2007|10:23 am]
SNOW DAY!!!!!!
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GUESS WHAT!!! [Feb. 21st, 2006|09:37 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]

I met this guy in Canada at the model UN conference and we've been e-mailing each other and stuff, which is nice... ANYWAY, yesterday he texts me and says he e-mailed me about meeting up and I figured it was about a day in New York because that's right between us (he goes to the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT). The e-mail was not about New York... he invited me to be his date to a the formal where they present his class crest!!! March 18th I'm totally going to Connecticut!!! I can't believe it! I get to dress up and dance with a man in uniform. Oh, scary thing, a Coast Guard Chief and his wife are sitting at our table. I'm gonna have to make use of my charm school skills at this dinner.
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2006|10:10 pm]
[mood |happythe combovers make me smile]
[music |"Firefly" The Combovers]

So I'm skipping my lab for the second time this semester and I anticipate skipping it at least one more time (because colin powell is coming to KU!). It's only once a week and I think I'm only allowed to miss it twice.... I think I'm going to have to drop biology....

I'm skipping because Godley got us an assignment from a company called Goggleworks to make them an actual product! Thursday at 3pm we have to go get the assignment and a tour of Goggleworks. Sure I'm not in Product this semester, but I just got a letter saying she was opening it up to past product kids as well.

ALSO! She wants to exhibit my chess set in a show in Spring 2007! Go establishing my career! Downside: probably not graduating on time because I don't have time for silly gen eds like bio :(
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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2006|01:06 am]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Pinkerton "El Scorcho" Weezer... old school]

Life since McGill has been less than thrilling. The aftermath of four nights of drinking hit like a ton of bricks and the make-up work was insane. It turns out the second week of the semester is full of demos and I missed a majority of them. My teachers didn't help because they forgot about my appointments with them... super.

Things that are good: I've decided I want to be an officer of the Model United Nations team next year. This is a crazy decision, but I'm very excited. For some reason, Dr. Riley still likes me despite my disgusting performance at McMUN. Oh yeah, and that time I had breakfast with him shitfaced. He just laughed at me then. I think I even managed to slur some words. I found out Friday, that you could still smell the alcohol on my breath. Well, two days later the man basically gives me his blessing in becoming an officer next year. I just have to figure out what position I'll be good at. I want secretary, but I don't want competition. I'm thinking I'll get stuck with treasurer. Who here thinks I can be trusted with thousands of dollars? Because I sure don't.

Okay, I want to be an officer because I want to help get the team to the Hague by fall 2007. Dr. Riley wants us to find another international competition by fall 2006. Haha. Considering we all treated Canada like a vacation I'm not so sure going overseas, to like, a different continent is such a great idea. Ambitious much? Yeah, we'll see. P.S. I'm so psyched for the Hague! It's a wondrous place in the Netherlands and is pretty much where the most important international model UN conference is held. We go to Nationals in New York every year and I say it's time we go to internationals. Our club is about 3 years old, which is pretty young, so how cool would it be to get us started on this amazing path to victory! I think by the time I'm gone, our high school conference should be as good as UPenn's college conference. Well, it should stay on campus, so maybe not as many students competing (or maybe), but just as awesome. We could so do it. Yay KUMUN!!!! sorry, I'm done now.

I've been puting a lot of energy into Model UN and little into art work. I'm just upset that I'm not in product design, but guys, Godley's working on getting a second level course approved for the fall!!!!! If she doesn't, I'll cry so hard. Working in the scene shop is really wearing me out, but it's something to do for 8 hours a week, and I'm getting paid (minimum wage:P) so I think I can handle it. Sure it leaves me with literally only 4 hours of free time a day if I actually want to sleep, but hey, if I weren't busy I'd procrastinate.

Crappy update... "Try to do better the next time. See ya later boys and girls."
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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2006|11:00 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

I'm back from Montreal. It was sufficiently amazing. Matt was a doll and came out with me the first night despite a team of ass holes getting in the way. The KU model UN team was the crankiest bunch I'd met until they had a few beers that night. Anyhow, that was Thursday night. Friday we got a lot done in committee and the debate and discussion I had was amazing and I learned a heck of a lot. Oh yeah, McGill knows how to put on some opening ceremonies. Normally, key note speakers are the most boring people on the face of the planet. McGill got the Princess of Jordan. First of all, all I kept hearing from the guys was what a treat she was to look at. More importantly, she gave an amazing speech. Apparently Princesses don't have to worry about diplomacy and she completely insulted the U.S. Military even though kids from West Point to the the Coast Guard Academy were sitting in the audience.

Anyhow, this paragraph will be the one about committee, quite possibly bore you to tears. As the GA 3rd, SPECPOL (Special Political and Decolonization) we chose a bad topic, got nothing done in two days, and didn't pass any resolutions. Our topic was actually not something we were supposed to deal with as SPECPOL, but we're a general Assembly and things happen I guess. We chose reforming the Human Rights Commission, which requires changing the UN Charter pretty much, and you can't do that without the Security Council agreeing to it, and China (who has veto power) was in the room, and wasn't about to subject themselves to anyone else's rules on human rights violations or a peer review system that would evaluate how they were doing in that department because, of course, they are abusing their citizens just like every other country. In trying to depoliticize the HRC, we let politics get in the way even worse than I thought possible (again, I learned a lot).

Getting drunk: wow. Night one, I only had a pint of beer, night two, I got pretty drunk... We went to several different bars, which was really neat because we were all legal and all the model UNers were out enjoying the city. Then I got dragged to a strip club with three of the guys on our team. It was pretty appalling, but I don't regret experiencing something new. After I left, with one of the head delegates supported only by my shoulder, two stayed behind and got lap dances... Canada has different rules and I'm not going to tell you what they are, because it's just not lady-like to discuss such things. Anyhow, I managed to get my friend back to the hotel by curfew (a generous 3am), and it was good. Saturday night... uuuuh, the only way to describe me is "McSloppy." I think that was my official title. Sunday morning I woke up, still incredibly drunk, with a black eye, and no clue what had happened. Also, still very, very sick. I don't think life would have been so bad if I didn't have to sit in an overstuffed van for 10 hours. I don't ever want to be drunk when I go to breakfast with my favorite professor ever again, but at least I went all out.

Matt showed me McGill Saturday! It was like, warm out too, which was weird.. What a gorgeous campus though! We went out to eat and caught up a bit. Than I ran back to committee as fast as I could because I thought I was late, but ended up being so early I was bored out of my mind reading Chuck Norris jokes for a half hour. Chuck Norris could never have a heart attack. His heart is not nearly foolish enough to attack him. McGill put out a news letter for us every day and that was the main topic of that one. It also had "Letters to Kofi" about committee and how inappropriate notes were that got passed around. My most inappropriate note said "We like your Djibouti" and was signed by a few countries. I thought maybe they should have worried a bit more about getting countries to sign their resolutions, but hey, at least we can agree on something (my Djibouti is pretty fine). I also managed to get a coast guard boy's contact info haha. It's funny, he's not allowed to have facebook because he's a freshman/fourth class and they don't want him wasting time on such things. They have more rules than they know what to do with. I made lots of friends though, and I'll probably see a few of them at the next conference. I wrote a resolution with the same kid I worked with last conference, which was neat. So that pretty much sums things up... Montreal=cool. McGill Conference=nuts. Oh yeah, one more thing, if you ever hold a Model UN conference, make sure one of your sessions is not directly after happy hour. Drunk delegates are even stupider than sober ones, which is hard to beat.
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I wrote a second entry, what of it?! [Jan. 22nd, 2006|09:51 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Grey's Anatomy]

First the amusing thing so you can skip what I write about my assessment of how this semester should turn out after a week of classes. Every conference we go to has an itinerary for us, and in this itinerary, there are often events scheduled out of committee so we have some fun. Like UPMUNC, McMUNC has something like a delegate fest where they rent out a night club where only us delegates get in, cool. McGill, being awesome and in Canada has something completely original though, it has a PUB CRAWL!!!!!! There will be buses that take us delegates around to several bars in Montreal to get incredibly trashed without having to worry about a ride. Wow, I am so excited I cannot believe it. This also means McGill will be informal like UPenn, nice for those of us just starting out, and for those who have hangovers (if that's me, I'm probably off the team, sooo I'm bringing my excedrin).

Canada's going to be nuts. Onto this semester, a lot more stressful. Having added a class, I have three studio and two academic courses. Weaving will be neat, but way more time consuming than I think the rest (I'm going to get a 24 hour pass so I can work after metals/wood/all my other homework meaning 2 in the morning, yay!). Wood will be weird, I actually have no idea how difficult, but I'm happy it'll be new and interesting. That will also be time consuming, just not sure how bad. ENAMELING will totally rock my world, I am so excited. I can use my flame working glass stuff, and my ceramic crayon/colored pencils to decorate things and put in the kiln. We also have a PMC (precious metal clay) kiln. Yay! I don't know about work yet because I haven't started and considering there are three days till Canada, I have no idea what he'll do about my schedule. International Law is going to be cool, of course, with Dr. Riley, best professor ever. I'm replacing my 30 page paper with prep work for New York. If I go I'll meet the ambassador from Mauritius, a resort island east of Madagascar. Dr. Riley has suggested/seems to think I'm already going. That makes me nervous for McGill... These people have built me up based on Jen's reaction to me (completely inaccurate), and how well I did in Dr. Riley's international relations class. Le sigh. Just because I'm smart doesn't mean I do my work. I'm not prepared for McGill. Last class, Bio and its lab. The lab is straight forward, and should be easyish. The lecture should be extremely boring and full of memorization for ridiculous MC questions. At least I'm with my best friend and a girl down the hall that's really cool. Also, our professor makes really silly jokes that you can't help but laugh at. End of outlook on the semester. Have a goodnight kids.
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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2006|08:04 pm]
[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |Karen's listening to Dave Matthew's Band, and thus, I am]

Yeah, I don't usually update this close together, but funny story! My roommate Karen is now referred to as a first season character, but we're in the second season now. She's still talked about and evidence of her existence is still around, but her name is not mentioned in the credits and by next season we'll discover that she's moved away to Paris or something. It fits very nicely as an analogy because Shu hasn't seen her for about three months now. She used to have dinner with us like once a month, but that stopped when Joe and I got "too weird" for her. We were beyond her help at that point she said. It's totally weird, but yeah. The only way to see Karen is by buying the first season on dvd, which I'm assuming will be equated to my 2005 photo album. We are waiting in anticipation for its arrival, but I left the pictures at home and I don't have an album to put them in. There are about 200 pictures and Karen is featured in quite a few "episodes." Well... some anyway.

I added a class! I'm taking Wood Design I now on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 AM. I have 8 AMs everyday, they are all studios so I'll at least have some motivation, and a consistent time to wake up. I missed the first class though, and I'm going to miss a class next week, soo erm, awkward first impression with a teacher coming right up. All my studios are going to be awkward because I'm missing them next Thursday and Friday. I'm missing my lab next week too. Oops.

All you kids that go to bigger schools, or schools with large lecture classes, this question is for you: have you ever heard of a system where you have a clicker, and just like a game show answer multiple choice questions with it where the results come up on like a projection at the front of the room? Because I'll be participating in such a system this semester. It's totally bizarre to me, but apparently the university is using my teacher, and others for this experiment to see if it'll be an effective teaching aid once they expand the school within the next two years. We're going to jump from 10,000 (where we're at now, with about a 30:1 student to teacher ratio) to 20,000 with the same number or less professors than what we have now. They're building a huge building that's going to be made of a bunch of "smart classrooms" and they think this click thing will help teachers gauge the progress of classes with about 150 kids. You answer the question, and the results come up on the screen as to how many kids answered it correctly to tell whether the teacher can move on, because it's hard to have discussion with 150 to tell if they are understanding. It's anonymous because you register as a number and this semester he's giving us incentive to participate by giving made extra credit the better we do, and because it is anonymous, you cannot be penalized for a wrong answer. So I have to go buy a $20 clicker and register before next class. I think it's neat, but I don't want to be in a class with 150 people. I hope to get out of here before I see one of those.
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